How Actor Turned Sports Agent Sal Jobe Is Bringing Sports Talent Alive!


Jobe’s extraordinary work as an actor as well as a sports agent has been inspiring to many. It has not only helped him achieve great success, but also build life-long relationships.

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Since a very young age, Jobe was a sports enthusiast, he was inspired by David Beckham and Thierry henry, which is a major reason why he started playing football for numerous conference clubs, including Luton town FC.

A hiatus of 3 years 2012-2015, which is when Jobe was rather occupied in acting he worked in several short films and videos. In 2012 Jobe had his debut cameo role in Katy B’s music video as a boxer. He is popularly known for his appearances in the motion picture industry. He was casted for significant roles in action movies like The London Firm, Dead Destination and Valla Desam amongst others.

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Where Jobe was climbing up the stairs of success with his career as an actor, he started to go back to his roots. As displayed on his official Instagram account @isthatsal, his journey came a full circle when Jobe started his own Sports Agency - Next level Consultants, an agency that offers full service management and advisory services to professional athletes.

The fact that Jobe formerly was associated with several PR agencies, has played a major role in building his network of connections in the sports industry. This is how he landed Jarell Miller, professional boxer.

His company was the one that brought Jarrell big baby Miller to the UK in 2018, which is managed by Wasserman Media Group. Ever since Jobe has been successfully handling his work, both as an actor and as an agent.

Jobe even made an appearance in 2016’s Legend of Tarzan movie by Warner Bros Which resulted in him escalating his acting career by landing a number of short film contracts.

The fact that Popular Culture has been an integral part of our lives, can not be denied. All of us are privy to its charisma. Since the very beginning of the motion picture industry, professional sports have been a dominant subject for pictures, advertisements and other diasporas. Be it documentaries, contemporary blockbusters or short films, professional sports has always been a major topic of interest.

In his career as a sports agent he signed a number of talented individuals. Jobe is the man behind Augustine Loof (Dutch International Player) who is an ex-employee of the famous PSV Football Club.

Having handled such high-profile jobs single handedly, Sal Jobe, an actor who is bringing sports talent alive, has engraved his name in the history books.

To be able to identify raw talent and bring it forward to be nurtured, is pure talent, but being the very first example of the same is legendary!

As the sports arena continues to evolve it is clear that it will require initiative and hard work from those who wish to stay on top. One thing is for sure, however the space changes, it is certain that Sal Jobes will be there, leading the charge.

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