Activities that can clear your mind in the morning

Rashi Bhattacharyya
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Activities that can clear your mind in the morning
Activities that can clear your mind in the morning

20 Dec 2020: Activities that can clear your mind in the morning

Adhering to a normal schedule is not possible in 2020 because of the imbalance between home and work hours.

With the new work from home culture, it can be difficult to work remotely while taking care of your family.

However, clearing your mind first thing in the morning can save your entire day. Here are some activities to achieve this.

Brain games: Start your day with a brain game

If you have a foggy brain in the morning, brain games like sudoku and crosswords can help clear it.

Such games are known to stimulate the mind and improve brain functioning. In fact, puzzles sharpen your memory and reduce the likelihood of brain degeneration.

Some apps can also link puzzles with your alarm to ensure that you wake up on time. Interesting, right?

Exercise: Do some form of exercise before you start working

There are many benefits to exercising before you start working.

Yoga, pilates, dancing, cycling, or any other exercise signal the release of several key neurotransmitters, help pump blood flow and oxygen to the brain so that it can function properly, and of course, keep your body healthy.

Regular workout in the morning can also grant you better decision-making abilities.

Reading: A good book can calmly wake up your mind

With all sorts of technology surrounding us and intense work culture, we are being pushed far away from our books. Reading habits have taken a backseat.

But a good book is a calm way to wake up your mind. It will take you away from the world for a while, give you a sense of peace, and wonderfully kick start your day.

Making bed: Don't forget to make your bed every morning

A survey says that 67% of the people with a daily habit of making the bed regularly get a good night's sleep, compared to those who don't. So why not do it in the morning?

Start your day by making your bed because it will give you a sense of accomplishment even before you start with your day.