Activists highlight worsening human rights situation, inequity in Balochistan

Baloch political activists have accused Islamabad for violating human rights, inequality and rise of religious fundamentalists in Balochistan, which is responsible for destruction of cultural identity of the Baloch people. Speaking during the 39th Session of the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva, Munir Mengal, president of Baloch Voice Association said, "During the last seventy years of the Islamic state existence, and particularly its security forces, have treated the Baloch people as occupants. Their xenophobia about the Baloch people is most evident in their crude behaviour and disproportionate response to the most genuine and fundamental demands of the Baloch people to hounour their dignity, identity, culture and respect their sovereignty on their land." Baloch woman activist, Karima Baloch, also accused Islamabad for racial discrimination against the Baloch people.