'Act wisely to successfully navigate Covid-19 situation':Isha

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Coimbatore, Apr 13 (PTI) Isha Foundation founder and spiritual leader Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev on Tuesday asked every one to act wisely to successfully navigate the Covid-19 situation and emphasised the significance of the Tamil New Year, being celebrated on April 14.

'A very happy Tamil New Year to everyone. In our Tamil culture, the arrival of the New Year is very important. We are in the process of transitioning from the 'Sarvari' year to the 'Plava' year.

This is because we developed a calendar that takes into account the rotations of Jupiter, the Moon and the Sun, keeping track of the impact that these celestial bodies have on our planet, he said in his new year message.

'At the end of the day, it is more than just balancing the books.

This calendar was created by observing all of the changes that have occurred within our bodies and in the environment, he said.

Jaggi Vasdev noted that the year 2020 was a difficult one with the COVID-19 pandemic causing widespread devastation.

Many people lost their loved ones and many suffered financially as a result of it.

We are now entering the Plava, a year more important for our sanity.

This year, the Tamils, who are known for their wisdom, must act wisely to successfully emerge from the Covid-19 situation,' he said. PTI NVM APR ADMINISTRATOR APR ADMINISTRATOR