Ace Entrepreneur Abdul Oganla Facilitated Over 1 Million Dollars for African Student-Athletes To Study in the US

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His unflinching visions and passion for serving African student-athletes have earned him immense respect and recognition.

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There are a set of individuals who believe in following only their dreams and aspirations in life, whereas there are a few others who believe in doing the unusual, pushing the envelope and offering value to people through whatever they choose to do in life, ultimately making a positive difference in their lives. The people from the latter category put every possible effort into making it huge in their chosen industries, for they work with a genuine aim to impact lives. Doing exactly that and going well beyond boundaries is an ace entrepreneur named Abdul Oganla, who, with his incessant efforts and hard work, have been able to make a difference in the lives of several African student-athletes, providing them with scholarships they deserve to attend colleges and universities in the US.

Abdul Oganla serves as the proud founder and Program Director of Africa-USA College Soccer Recruitment Tour (AUS Access), a student-athlete recruitment program. In less than two years, the program has helped facilitate more than a massive $1,000,000 worth of scholarships for its scholars. The ace scholar himself had become one of four inaugural recipients of a full-ride football (soccer) scholarship, a program similar to his, to attend college in America and prior to this, was the inaugural president and captain of the prestigious Segun Odegbami International College & Sports Academy. He is a Nigerian who graduated from Knox College with a Bachelors in Economics and a minor in Business Management.

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Abdul Oganla, who got some amazing opportunities in life, has been striving hard and working incessantly to provide the same opportunities to others across Africa. Focusing on progressing their education and career both, Africa-USA College Soccer Recruitment Tour provides the student-athletes with incredible opportunities to play competitively in the colleges of the US as well as receive a great education.

Abdul Oganla's one-of-a-kind program has produced some of the best student-athletes, who have gone ahead in getting named All-American, Top Drawer 100 and some others are already on their path to earn great success with Major League Soccer (MLS). Abdul Oganla is more than what meets the eye. His entrepreneurial talents have earned him amazing buzz and recognition. He is a multipreneur who began several businesses and has excelled at Exporting and Franchise Development.

The influential personality and entrepreneur currently runs a franchise development firm, which has the Subway restaurant brand in its portfolio. In New York, Abdul Oganla has even served as the Nigerian youth delegate to the Friendship Ambassadors Youth Assembly at The United Nations. Apart from this, he strongly advocates for the UN's sustainable development goals for ending poverty (1), for industry, innovation and infrastructure development (9) and fostering partnerships for the goals (17).

Truly, Abdul Oganla has earned some success for his work for kids in Africa, however he is hungry to do more. In our conversations with him, his next steps will be to partner with corporate organizations and individual philanthropists to expand this scholarship program and impact even more lives at greater scale.

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