ACDelco auto component brand launches VRLA battery for protection against outage

ACDelco India, a division of General Motors Technical Centre India Private Limited and supplies after market auto components for various models/makes of automobiles in India has expanded its product offering with the introduction of a new range of VRLA batteries.

Based on proven AGM (Absorbed glass mat) technology, the VRLA or valve regulated lead-acid batteries provide protection to industrial, commercial or business organizations, large and small, against the disruption caused by electrical outages. Indeed with ACDelco’s products being recognised as the ‘best dressed battery in the business’, the company is confident that the new VRLA range will become readily adopted nationwide. Serving as the perfect solution when it comes to offering immediate and vital protection against the almost occurrence of electrical power failures that prevail across the country, ACDelco’s VRLA rechargeable batteries have been purposely designed to provide high rate power capacities over short-term durations.

This feature alone makes the VRLA battery universally appealing across a broad spectrum of applications and systems. In addition to providing auxiliary power to maintain the uninterrupted function of electronic and telecommunications equipment, VRLA batteries also support the provision of emergency lighting, safeguard against security system and signalling failures, whilst supporting DC power supplies. They are also suitable for all types of UPS and EPS applications.

Commenting on the launch of VRLA Batteries, Rajesh Nangia, Director said “ACDelco is one of the most well known battery brands in India, particularly within the automotive sector, where its products are recognised for their quality and operating performance. Launching an ACDelco range of VRLA batteries obviously means that organizations of all sizes will be able to source a product that will provide the power back-up required to protect organizations against the inconvenience that outages bring.

“In addition to ACDelco being a recognised and quality brand, as an integrated supplier of batteries, the company already has a nationwide network of battery specialists, which means that the correct infrastructure is in place to support the distribution and servicing of the product from day one,” he added.

Incorporating a fully sealed construction, almost all ACDelco AGM VRLA batteries are ‘recombinant’. This means that oxygen and hydrogen recombine inside the battery, creating water and so preventing water loss through electrolysis. The recombining process is typically 99+ percent efficient. AGM batteries are also leak proof, as they do not spill electrolytes, even if inverted. Likewise, they are maintenance free as there is obviously no requirement to regularly add water.

With no corrosion, VRLAs, which incorporate a pressure release valve, are low gassing (unless overcharged), offer good cycling and stationary performance, whilst providing equally good high rate discharges. They also exhibit very low self-discharge, typically 1 percent to 3 percent per month, which means they exhibit a long shelf life when compared to standard batteries. Also, due to the plates within AGM batteries being tightly packed and rigidly mounted, their rugged construction means they are less susceptible to shocks and resistant to vibrations.