ACDelco auto component brand expands its product portfolio and launches Inverters

AC Delco Inverter

Families the length and breadth of India can now protect their homes from the inconvenience and problems associated with electrical outages thanks to a new range of Inverters that have been launched by AC Delco, a General Motors group company Developed and manufactured in India by ACDelco – an established and global supplier of automotive batteries, components and systems – the latest Inverter technology gives families a choice of three models, all of which provide immediate auxiliary power to support domestic appliances and electrical fittings against power failure. Also available from ACDelco is a new range of six robust and reliable VRLA (valve regulated lead-acid) batteries, which have been introduced to give families a complete outage solution from one supplier.

Commenting on the launch of the new range of inverters, Rajesh Nangia, Director, ACDelco said “In the summer, when temperatures in homes can be above 45 degrees, even the most short-term outage can make living conditions quickly intolerable. This is where the ACDelco range of Inverters can help. In addition to ensuring that a back-up power supply exists for equipment such as fans and room coolers, the Inverters also power TV and lighting, while protecting computers from failing.

“Given that we estimate only 10 percent of homes across India are using Inverter technology at present, this is a hugely untapped market. It is also one that is likely to grow for some considerable time given the fact that power infrastructure is not expected to improve significantly over the next decade,” he added.

It is against this background that ACDelco is encouraging families to introduce Inverters into their homes as a means of cost-effectively improving the quality of domestic life. Complete with a two-year warranty, the Inverter range takes in the base entry, Sine Wave H-UPS. For those families looking for more advanced features, it is possible to upgrade to the Cyber Sine Wave H-UPS or top-of-the-range Digital H-UPS. All three models are not only environmentally friendly, they are easy to service and have in-built requisite safety and protection features.

In terms of availability, the ACDelco range of Inverters can be sourced through the organization’s existing network of specialist battery retailers/outlets or through established suppliers of white goods. Simple to install into most existing domestic wiring circuits, all three models feature a compact and aesthetically pleasing design, making them suitable for positioning either in a room, under stairs or within a storage cupboard. With tried and tested technology that emanates from a global innovator in components and systems, families can remain confident in the knowledge that ACDelco already has the service infrastructure within India to support this latest product offering.