New Accuser Says MJ Akbar Harassed Her When She Was An 18-Year-Old Intern

Betwa Sharma

NEW DELHI — On the last day of Majlie de Puy Kamp's internship at the The Asian Age newspaper in the spring of 2007, she walked up two flights of stairs from the news floor to the office of the editor MJ Akbar.

One of her tasks at the paper was to show Akbar options for the lead photograph for the next morning's front page.

"These moments, where I would go up and give him the photos, were always kind of awkward," de Puy Kamp said. "I would give him the photos, he would look through them and not say anything, and then do this head wobble over one of them."

The interaction would last less than five minutes, there was never much conversation.

That particular day, as Akbar looked over the pictures, de Puy Kamp thanked him for letting her intern at his paper.

"He got up and walked around his desk to where I was sitting, so I also got up and I extended my hand." de Puy Kamp recalled in a conversation this week. "He grabbed me right under my shoulders, on my arms, and pulled me in and kissed me on my mouth and forced his tongue into my mouth, and I just stood there."

Akbar was 56 years old at the time; de Puy Kamp was 18, and on her gap year after finishing high school.

"What he did was disgusting, he violated my boundaries, betrayed my trust and that of my parents," du Puy Kamp told HuffPost India in an email, adding that she met Akbar through her parents who had worked as foreign correspondents in Delhi in the 1980s. "He was my parent's friend, he was supposed to pull through for me if I ever got in trouble while living in a foreign country."

What he did was disgusting, he violated my boundaries, betrayed my trust and that of my parents.

HuffPost India corroborated de Puy Kamp's account—which has not been written about before—by reviewing emails between de Puy Kamp's father and Akbar, and in interviews with three people who spoke to her immediately after her ordeal.

In the emails, reproduced below, Akbar said, "These are issues which are so prone to...

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