Accops Partners with Teradici® to Deliver Secure and Highly Responsive Remote Access to Graphics Workstations

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NEW DELHI, MUMBAI and PUNE, India, April 14, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Accops Systems, an India-based global provider of integrated work-from-anywhere solutions, has teamed up with Teradici®, the creator of industry-leading PCoIP® technology and Emmy Award-winning Cloud Access Software (CAS), to enable professionals working with graphics-intensive applications to have accurate, distortion-free, high-quality remote access to graphics workstations.

The Accops solution empowers remote and mobile professionals, like design engineers, VFX technicians, architects and video editors, among others, to experience office-like performance with secure and seamless access to graphics-intensive applications over any network and any endpoint device.

Graphics-intensive applications are critical for day-to-day business workloads that are common within engineering design, product design, video-editing, graphics design, geospatial analysis, web development, etc. With a large section of the workforce still working from home - and may continue to do so for longer than expected - organisations must provide their workforce with reliable, accessible, and powerful workstations. They want users to have instant access to graphics applications and run them flawlessly from any location on any laptop or desktop device.

The Teradici PCoIP protocol provides an industry-leading high-definition, secure and highly responsive computing experience. In a distributed workflow scenario, display pixilation and high latency performance prevent remote workers from carrying out their day-to-day activities quickly and efficiently. In addition, data leakage and network security pose serious challenges, especially when dealing with highly sensitive data or projects.

Other solutions and commonly used display protocols lack the needed efficiency to provide high-quality access to such graphics-intensive applications and workstations. Organizations either need to set up graphic workstations physically at the users' locations, or ask their workforce to return to the office, giving up the safety and flexibility of working from home.

Teradici CAS and PCoIP technology, in combination with the Accops solution, mitigates these concerns and provides a secure, high-definition and highly responsive computing experience. PCoIP uses advanced display compression and encrypts and transmits only pixels to remote endpoints. From a user's perspective, there is no difference between working with a local computer equipped with all the required software and an endpoint receiving a streamed pixel representation from a centralized virtual computer.

'Accops' Turbo feature is designed to deliver wire-speed encryption and tunnelling of the traffic. Teradici CAS and PCoIP technology benefits customers significantly with Turbo tunnelling to deliver 3D and other rich interactive applications. The solution delivers the most accurate and distortion-free experience regardless of network conditions at the users' end,' said Vijender Yadav, CEO, CTO and Co-founder, Accops.

'Accops is leveraging the Teradici Advantage Partner Program to enable high-performance and secure workstation workloads,' said Paul Austin, Director of Global Channels, Teradici. 'Solutions based on Teradici CAS and PCoIP technology deliver an uncompromising, pixel-perfect user experience to any device providing the agility and flexibility and performance that engineers, architects and creatives rely on to be productive from anywhere. Now more than ever, work is an activity, rather than a destination.' A major electrical appliances manufacturer in India has already adopted the Accops solution, enabling its work-from-home employees to seamlessly access 2D & 3D design applications and graphics workstations in the office.

Accops provides enterprises with options to choose from: secure remote access to physical graphics workstations located in the office or to a virtualized workstation created through VDI and delivered from datacentre or cloud.

To mitigate concerns related to the data privacy issues, the Accops solution comes with built-in device entry control, multi-factor authentication (including facial and biometric authentication) and dynamic contextual access. To protect the IP, Accops solution can control the user endpoint and prevent data copy, device sharing, clipboard, screen recording including adding watermark. With facial and biometric authentication with continuous monitoring, Accops can ensure strict surveillance when confidential IP is being accessed. The solution keeps enterprises in complete control of their data, even though users work from anywhere, using personal or corporate devices.

About Accops Systems: Accops is a leading developer and provider of Secure Digital Workspace solutions comprising Application and Desktop Virtualization, Secure Remote Access and Identity & Access Management solutions.

Accops enables secure and instant access to business applications to any device from any network, enabling secure enterprise mobility for business users while keeping governance with the organization. Accops' workspace virtualization, access gateway and identity management solution suite helps organizations to consolidate the distributed end user application infrastructure and bring endpoint management to the datacenter, improving the overall network security and reducing the IT operational costs. Accops is the single stop shop to build an integrated workspace for business users providing seamless access to modern web applications, SaaS applications, client-server applications, legacy applications, virtual applications and virtual desktops. Accops was established in Oct 2012 and is headquartered in Pune, India, and currently has a significant presence in over 10 countries, serving more than 600 clients across multiple critical verticals like BFSI, Healthcare, Pharma, Government, Defence etc. Learn more at

About Teradici Teradici is the creator of the PCoIP® remote display protocol, which delivers desktops and workstations from the data center or public cloud to end users with the highest levels of security, responsiveness, and fidelity. Teradici Cloud Access Software, which won an Engineering Emmy from the Television Academy in 2020, powers the most secure remote solutions with unparalleled performance for even the most graphics-intensive applications. Teradici technology is trusted by leading media companies, design houses, financial firms and government agencies and is deployed to more than 15 million users around the world. For more information, visit:

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