ABVP backs Soman after University of Mumbai sends him on compulsory leave

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], Jan 15 (ANI): ABVP on Wednesday backed Yogesh Soman, who has been sent on a compulsory leave by the University of Mumbai administration after his alleged derogatory remarks against Congress leader Rahul Gandhi.

"It is wrong and was done on political considerations. The ABVP condemns the action against Soman and all students are in his support," said ABVP spokesperson Pranjal Mishra.

Soman is the director of the Academy of Theatre Arts (ATA) in the University of Mumbai.

"We want him to be taken back immediately," he told media persons.

Soman is facing flak after he shared a video online in which he responded to Rahul Gandhi's controversial remarks where he said that 'he was not Rahul Savarkar'.

Soman, in his video, retorted that the Congress scion did not have Savarkar's qualities. (ANI)