Abused kids likelier to have poor adult health

Washington, November 14 (ANI): Children who are physically abused are at an increased risk for health problems later in life, a new study has shown.

The psychological scars of childhood abuse apparently lasts well into adulthood.

New research from Concordia University shows the harm can have longterm negative physical effects, as well as emotional ones.

Scientists hypothesize that stress in early childhood causes physiological changes that affect a victim's response to stress, which puts the individual at an increased risk of disease later in life.

Jean-Philippe Gouin, who holds a Canada Research Chair in Chronic Stress and Health in Concordia's Department of Psychology, tested this link and found that early-life abuse results in physiological changes that may increase the risk of cardiovascular disease later on.

The study was recently published in the Annals of Behavioral Medicine. (ANI)