Abu Asim Azmi demands judicial inquiry into Digvijay Singh’s remark on Telanagana police running fake ISIS website

Shubhang Chauhan

Mumbai, May 4: After Digvijay Singh, General Secretary of All India Congress Committee through his Twitter handle on May 1 alleged that Telangana police runs fake ISIS site, the chief of Mili Tehreek Foundation and Maharashtra Samajwadi Party president wants a judicial inquiry into this matter. Abu Asim Azmi has penned to PM Narendra Modi, President Pranab Mukherjee, and Home Minister Rajnath Singh requesting for a judicial inquiry by Supreme or High Court.

In the letter, he wrote, that a proper action must be taken as it involves the life of innocent Muslim youths, it pertains to the life, safety, and security of Muslim youths. He wrote that an allegation has been made by Digvijay Singh the former CM of Madhya Pradesh and it should be taken seriously as the state police have the backing of other states, security agencies, and the central government.

What Azmi penned down:

Azmi wrote that an all-India raid was conducted in many states in which it was claimed that an ISIS module was busted which was planning to launch an attack in India. The Maharashtra Samajwadi party president claimed that many youths were arrested, one was killed in the raid which was conducted on the basis of information provided by Telangana police.

He wrote about the tweet that Digvijay Singh wrote and said such thing shouldn’t be taken lightly. On the same note, he further penned that the allegations against Telangana police should be analysed from the past incidents, from the time it was a part of Andhra Pradesh Police.

He further alleged that in the Makkah masjid blast case many innocent Muslims were arrested by Telangana Police in fake terror case, who were later released and the  Andhra Pradesh government was made to pay compensation to these innocent people.

Blasting out at the Telangana Police, he mentioned that the force came under accusation for its illegal acts in the Sohrabuddin encounter, Mujahid, and Alair encounter in which many Muslims were killed.


Further blasting out at Telangana Police, the president of MTF, jotted down that the allegation on Telangana Police (TP) and the crackdown of innocent Muslims in the name of ISIS, read with the past record of not only TP, but UP ATS, Delhi special police cell, MP Police. He requested PM in the letter to take cognizance as many of the employees of government and police forces are a suspect is such cases. The silence of the


“The silence of the Telangana police raises doubts in minds,” wrote Azmi. He requested a probe into the matter and if found baseless then an action must be taken against Digvijay Singh.