Abhishek Bachchan on his niece's Bollywood debut

Ranpreet Kaur

Abhishek Bachchan on his niece

18 Sep 2018: Abhishek Bachchan on his niece's Bollywood debut

The year 2018 has witnessed several newcomers making their debut in Bollywood including Janhvi Kapoor, Sara Ali Khan, Banita Sandhu, etc.

Now, there are speculations that Amitabh Bachchan's granddaughter Navya Naveli will also be stepping into showbiz soon.

While her massive fan base is eager for her debut, Abhishek Bachchan said that it's too early to decide on it.

Details: Navya is busy with her studies, says Abhishek

During his recent interview, Abhishek stated that his 21-year-old niece is currently busy with her studies.

He also stated that being a student her entire focus is on her studies and it is too early for her to decide about Bollywood.

"Navya is busy with studying communication and marketing. I think it's too early for them to decide about her career," he added.

Navya's Statement: Navya maintains she has no interest in Bollywood

Notably, the diva, who can give any actress a run for their money, also has no interest in stepping into Bollywood.

During an interview in 2017, Navya had said, "No way I'll make a career in acting. I am enjoying my internship at the advertising agency. I love the independence I get in Manhattan."

Shweta's Reaction: Even Shweta Bachchan doesn't want Navya to enter Bollywood

Not just Navya, her mother Shweta Bachchan isn't keen about her daughter stepping into showbiz either.

She feels that Bollywood isn't an easy world to live in.

"I really try to tell Navya about all the cons [of being a part of the film industry]. I have nothing against the industry. But, it's not an easy world to be in," Shweta was quoted saying.