ABD getting hate comments proves outrage is India's middle name

Shalini Ojha

ABD getting hate comments proves outrage is India

20 Jul 2018: ABD getting hate comments proves outrage is India's middle name

It's just another day on the Internet and Indians are outraged for absolutely no reason. This time, the receiver of unworthy hatred is South African cricketing legend AB de Villiers.

Indian Instagram users showed how capable they are of abuses when ABD announced an alcohol brand was coming to India.

The posted photograph had an Indian flag at the bottom, irking 'nationalists'.

Fact: Before we begin, here's what ABD posted on Instagram

The hatred: ABD's post got on wrong side of Instagram users

For any other nation, this post could have been about welcoming a new brand, but we are Indians, right? How can we not outrage over the 'most important things' in the world?

Scores of abuses filled comments flooded the post and users said ABD's post disrespected the national flag.

He was also advised to not promote drinking in India. Yeah, ABD is responsible!

Comments: The comments on ABD's post are stupid and sick

One offended user pridhviraj.d commented: Don't misuse national flag. We are not ready to buy your product until you realized our pride.

Another one named navaj15 posted: Please don't promote alcohol in India.

Similarly, ab17fan wrote: No, you are my favorite cricketer but do not promote wine brand with the national flag.

There were others who took the route of abuse.

Data: Data shows Indians love alcohol, why the outrage then?

What these lovers of the land failed to decipher was that ABD wasn't using Indian flag to promote alcohol. It was just a symbol to tell about the arrival of the brand.

And what is the outrage all about anyway? It's not like we are a country of teetotallers.

A 2016 report concluded one Indian died every 96 minutes due to alcohol consumption.

Conclusion: By trolling ABD, Instagram users aren't making India proud

ABD has received roaring support in Indian stadiums, more times than one can count.

About this love, ABD wrote in his autobiography that he didn't understand how he got so much appreciation in almost every cricket ground in India.

These jobless trolls may have just reversed the legend's views about the country.

So, let's fix this: Ignore them ABD, we love you!