ABC News and ‘Good Morning America’s’ Twitter Handle Hacked!

The official Twitter handles of ABC News and Good Morning America were hacked on Thursday.

On the ABC News Twitter handle, hackers tweeted several posts using profane language and false news reports, such as rapper Tyler, The Creator dying in tour bus crash.

ABC News Twitter Handle, posters tweeted several posts using profane language. (Photo: Screenshot/Twitter/Altered by The Quint)

In addition, one tweet wrote “follow CNN for real news, our news is wack”. CNN is one of ABC News’ biggest competitors.

Tweet asking to follow CNN for real news. (Photo: Screenshot/Twitter)

Along with the news network, it’s reputed Good Morning America show’s Twitter handle wrote “Trump is our lord and savior #thankgodforTHEDONALD.” Another tweet claimed to be“Russian hackers”who “ love” US President Donald Trump.

Tweets and retweets of both the handles were promptly deleted. ABC News and Good Morning America Twitter page have not commented about the incident. But ABC News PR Twitter handle has confirmed the hack of ABC news, Good Morning America and Good Morning America Pop News are working on the issue.