Abandoned Buddhist Temple in Japan Now Turned Into ‘Bra Sanctuary’

The temple-turned-bra sanctuary is peppered with women’s lingerie strewn across the walls and ceiling.

An abandoned Buddhist temple in a remote area of the Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan has been turned into a ‘bra sanctuary’.

The temple had been shut down due to a case of fraud involving alleged fortune-telling, but this temple is open to those who wish to pay a visit to see the bizarre ‘art work’.

The temple-turned-bra sanctuary was peppered with women's lingerie, with bras and other items strewn across the walls and ceiling. Barbie dolls were also nailed to the walls alongside other curious items.

The piece is said to be an art display; however, some visitors have alleged that it was the creator's attempt at black magic against a woman, given the strips of paper found in the room featuring the name of a specific woman.

Video Editor: Vivek Gupta

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