Baby Named 'India' After Cops Find Her Abandoned in Georgia With Umbilical Cord Attached

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The Forsyth County Sheriff, Georgia found an abandoned baby alive inside a plastic bag, dumped in the woods. The dramatic moment, captured in bodycam, has been released by the police in a hope to track the baby’s mother. Footage shows the infant, whose umbilical cord is still attached, crying, as the officers, were trying to calm her. According to media reports, the baby girl has temporary been named “India” and currently taken care of by the Georgia Department of Family and Children Services. Newborn Girl Child Abandoned in Rajasthan, Adopted by Journalist Couple After Horrific Video Goes Viral. 

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On June 6, the Georgia Police officials were informed by a family who heard the newborn baby girl crying, in a wooded area in Cumming, about 35 miles north of Atlanta. “My kids said, ‘That’s a baby,’ and I said ‘That’s an animal,” the man, who reported the noise to the police officials were quoted as saying. The footage shows the police officials tearing the plastic bag, as the baby inside can be heard crying. One of the officers can be heard, comforting her, “Oh I’m sorry. I’m so sorry…oh look how precious you are.” Women Cop Breastfeeds Abandoned Two-month-old Baby Girl.

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After removing the newborn from the bag, officials cut off her umbilical cord, before wrapping her in a blanket to keep her warm. While releasing the video, the Forsyth County Sheriff officials wrote, “We are releasing parts of the footage from the body camera worn by the first FCSO Deputy on the scene the night Baby India was discovered, Thursday, June 6th, 2019. We release this footage in hopes to receive credible information on the identity of Baby India and to show how important it is to find closure in this case.”

The FCSO officials have also reminded that Georgia has a Safe Haven (HB 391) law. It allows a child’s mother to leave her baby who is 30 days old with an employee of any medical facility that includes any hospital, institutional infirmary, health centre or birthing centre in Georgia without prosecution.