AAP moves privilege motion against Centre; Calls out Modi Sarkar for misleading the nation

Breaking update from Times Now, state that the Aam Aadmi Party is set to file a privilege motion against the Central government in the parliament tomorrow. The AAP leaders have alleged that the Centre lied on deaths due to oxygen shortage and crisis. They cite 7 children who reportedly suffocated for breath today and state that from March to July, O2 shortage has wrecked several families. AAP MP Sanjay Singh has upped the ante and times now has also accessed more undeniable proof on this matter. AAP has claimed that the government has misled the nation and the citizens. Amid this ruckus, the lack of data presented by states has played a major role of shield to back the Centre and the big question is whether the states’s O2 negligence causing this denial controversy and can states shift back all onus on Centre now? Watch!

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