AAP manifesto promises Jan Lokpal, police reforms

4 April 2014

New Delhi, Apr 4 (ANI): Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has promised a corruption-free nation, women safety and police reforms to its voters as party chief Arvind Kejriwal released election manifesto to woo voters ahead of the Lok Sabha polls.

Addressing a news conference here yesterday, the former Delhi Chief Minister promised an array of initiatives, ensuring to pass Jan Lokpal Bill.

"Aam Aadmi Party was formed out of biggest revolution against corruption in this country. It was born with a dream of corruption free India with the hope of Jan Lokpal bill being enacted. So it is our biggest target," said Kejriwal.

Kejriwal further said women safety was a major target area as the present situation in the country was grim which needed police reforms and judicial reforms.

"Today the atmosphere in this country is such that women safety is the biggest issue which has come to the forefront. So giving protection to our citizens would be our priority and when our party was in power in Delhi, the fact that I sat down on protest on the issue of women safety clearly shows that we value women safety the most," said Kejriwal.

Stressing on police reforms, Kejriwal said his party would ensure that all complaints are registered timely.

"There should be CCTV cameras place in police stations and in all public dealing areas since complaints are often not registered and also there would be cameras in interrogation rooms which can be asked for by any citizen by using the right to information law. There would be a reward and punishment system in the police services," he added.

On the education front, the manifesto promises the withdrawal of the controversial four-year undergraduate programme in Delhi University.

Reiterating its stand on judicial reforms, the manifesto says the party is committed to ensuring that a common citizen has access to quick, fair, affordable and accountable judicial system. (ANI)