'AAP government tops chart of liars': Amit Shah slams Arvind Kejriwal

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New Delhi, Jan 26: Home Minister Amit Shah on Sunday launched a blistering attack on Arvind Kejriwal alleging that his government stands nowhere other than topping the chart of liars.

"Various surveys are conducted across the country. One government tops in pure water, another ranks number one in road construction and some other in electrification. But Kejriwal's government stands nowhere other than topping the chart of liars," Shah said while addressing a rally here.

Shah also attacked the Congress party for their stand on violence seen in the city during the anti-Citizenship Amendment Act protests.

"Rahul Baba and Kejriwal and co. are opposing CAA brought by Modi ji. They have incited riots in Delhi, provoked and incited people, misled them into burning buses, people's vehicles. Delhi will not be safe if these people are elected again," the Home Minister said.

Assembly elections in Delhi are scheduled to take place on February 8 while votes will be counted on February 11.

In 2015, Arvind Kejriwal's Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) got a landslide victory by winning 67 of the 70 Assembly seats in the national capital.

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