AAP forms 24 door-to-door anti-Congress teams

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AAP forms 24 door-to-door anti-Congress teams

AAP Delhi convenor Gopal Rai organised a meeting with all the 24 teams and guided them about the future course of action.

After no coalition with the Congress, the AAP is making its own strategy. The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has formed 24 frontal teams to discredit the Congress that will go door-to-door and will expose the Congress. AAP will also try to spread the message as to how their votes will be wasted if they opt for Congress.

On Wednesday, AAP Delhi convenor Gopal Rai organised a meeting with all the 24 teams and guided them about the future course of action. After meeting the frontal teams, Gopal Rai told India Today TV that the party would come up with 24 different pamphlets targeting political parties, especially the Congress, by each frontal organisation.

The 24 frontal organisations established by the AAP include units for women, senior citizens, youths, legal, doctors, minority, auto, e-rickshaw, South Indian and OBC wings, street vendors and Purvanchal among others.

When asked if the frontal organisations will run campaign against the Congress, Gopal Rai said, "The Congress would not win a single seat in Delhi. In such a case, it is necessary for the people to tell that their vote will be wasted if casted for the Congress in Delhi on May 12."

When questioned about the vote bank damage, as they did not have a coalition with the Congress; and whether this will help the BJP directly, Gopal Rai replied, "The BJP is weak and frightened. The reason the BJP could not declare their candidates on time. We will defeat the BJP. Also during the campaign, the frontalorganisations will explain it to the people of Delhi that they should not waste their vote by voting for the Congress."

Meanwhile, the Congress also has their own plan to not only attack the AAP but the BJP too. Delhi Congress working president and North West Delhi candidateRajesh Lilothia said, "Aam Aadmi Party made false promises to the people of Delhi. Now, it is not the Congress but the people of Delhi who will attack the AamAadmi Party. The Congress has helped in the development of Delhi. However, the Aam Aadmi Party took people to the dreamland and never delivered what they made the people dream of."

The Congress candidate from North West Delhi told India Today TV that they are also holding corners meeting, door-to-door meetings. "Social organisations are in touch with the Congress and they will campaign and discuss about the developmental projects by the Congress in Delhi," added Lilothia. He said that the Congress will focus on village areas this election.

"The Nyay scheme talks of development and people, and we are making people aware about the scheme. We are also talking about how Congress president Rahul Gandhi is waving off farmers' loan. The Congress will do away with the criminal cases and there won't be any criminal prosecution of farmers who are unable to pay debt," said Lilothia.

Meanwhile, the AAP hopes that the frontal organisations would help the party in increasing the vote percentage for the Lok Sabha election. The frontal organisations would target particular groups and tell them what the AAP government has done for them till date and what benefits they would have after the party brings in full statehood for them.

Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal on Thursday evening will hold a meeting at his residencewith all the seven candidates, MLAs and party leaders to make final plan while reviewing the political scenario and deciding the strategy about the campaigning in future. On Thursday, Kejriwal would release the party manifesto, that is based on the agenda of granting full statehood to the national capital. The manifesto would be released in the presence of senior party leaders and all the seven candidates who are contesting on the party's ticket from Delhi.

Sources said the manifesto would link different issues, the party feels, Delhi faces because of not having the status of full statehood.