Can AAP evade accountability of Delhi O2 now? |

Delhi state government and Centre' rift on the capital’s oxygen supply is repeatedly coming up since the Centre and capital fights on O2 supply have come to light. The Centre had surveyed up to 4 oxygen suppliers in Delhi and is claiming that there’s excess unused stock available. However, Delhi since the past few weeks had been suffering from acute shortage for which the AAP government sent out SOSs, moved courts and what not. Now with surplus of O2 in Delhi and lack of storage space for it BJP has questioned Kejriwal’s hypocrisy for pinning the blame on Modi government for their own failure. On this Lawyer, Shehzad Jai Hind states that the overall situation was that blame game could be done at Centre but Delhi Govt tried to run away from its responsibility. He shared his views saying that some are saying that Delhi Govt wasn’t even allowing for O2 audit.