AAP Chief Spokesperson Saurabh Bhardwaj Says ‘Its Enough of BJP’s Misgovernance at the MCDs and Now Its Time They Handover It to the Aam Aadmi Party’

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New Delhi, October 30: Aam Aadmi Party Chief Spokesperson Saurabh Bhardwaj on Friday said that its enough of BJP's misgovernance at the MCDs and now its time they handover the MCDs to the AAP. He said that the BJP has put a massive burden of debts on the citizens of Delhi; the AAP will the MCDs in surplus just the way we did with the Delhi government.

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Bhardwaj said that BJP-ruled MCD has to take Rs 18,000 crore from the central government and must return Rs 8500 crore to Delhi government. He said that the MCDs have sealed Delhi's big markets and illegally taken conversion fee and parking charges, yet shops are sealed, shopkeepers are devastated. Safety First Survey: AAP MLA Atishi Reaches Out to People of Kalkaji With Report of Spaces Where Residents Feel Unsafe; Solutions to Be Designed on Basis of Inputs.

Bhardwaj said, "For the past several months the BJP-ruled MCDs were not paying the salaries of the doctors and nurses. For this inhuman behaviour of the BJP ruled MCD the image of Delhi has been maligned. But during this whole time, the BJP ruled MCD repeatedly blamed the Delhi government for this crisis and also quoted baseless figures against the AAP government. Yesterday to expose the lies of the BJP, Deputy CM of Delhi Manish Sisodia wrote to all the three mayors. Sisodia has noted that: As on 1st April 2020, a total of Rs 6,008 Cr loan is outstanding over the three MCDs. This includes Rs 1977 Cr outstanding from EDMC, Rs 3243 Cr from NDMC and Rs 788 Cr from SDMC. Secondly, besides the huge amounts of outstanding loans owed by the MCDs to Govt of NCT of Delhi, the three MCDs collectively owe Rs 2596.32 Cr in arrears to the Delhi Jal Board. Thirdly, It is the Central Government that has not paid the due amount to the MCDs to the tune of Rs 12,000 Cr. It is well known that the Central Government provides grants to all the Municipal Corporations of our country. The amount given to Municipal Corporations is calculated based on their population and for every person residing in that city, Rs 488/- per person is given as municipal development funds. In total, Rs 2,87,636 is given as municipal funds to all the cities of the country except the Delhi MCDs. The Central government has granted funds to Ghaziabad and Gurugram from this fund, but none to the MCDs in Delhi. Based on Delhi’s population, this amounts to a total of Rs 18,000 Cr over the last 15 years that should have been granted by the Centre to the MCDs. This means that the MCD should return around Rs 8,500 Cr to the Delhi government and should take Rs 15,000 from the Central government. On behalf of the AAP, I want to request the BJP to handover the MCDs to the AAP. We will run the MCDs in surplus as we did it in case of the Delhi government."

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He said, "In the last 14 years, the BJP-ruled MCDs have ruined some of the popular markets of Delhi at South Ex, Amar Colony, GK 2 etc. They sealed the shops of these beautiful markets and took crores of money from the shop owners as conversion charges and as parking tax. Despite such massive harassments to the shopowners the BJP-ruled MCDs have not yet allowed those shops to run. The BJP-ruled MCDs have doubled the property tax and charge of community halls. Earlier, they stopped making new roads and the Delhi MLAs make the roads by their own fund. They have also stopped building parks and now the Delhi government along with the RWAs are making the parks in Delhi. The MCDs have also stopped installing gyms inside the parks and now the MLAs are doing that work. Lastly, they have privatised waste management inside Delhi. The MCDs are forcing people to pay more and more money in the name of waste management."