AAP, BJP spar over waste collection from homes of COVID patients in Delhi

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New Delhi, Apr 20 (PTI) The AAP claimed on Monday that the BJP-ruled municipal corporation is not clearing the garbage accumulating outside the houses of COVID-19 patients under home isolation, an allegation refuted by the saffron party.

Addressing a press conference, Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader Durgesh Pathak said more than 37,000 people in Delhi are under home isolation.

'Due to mismanagement of cleaning the biomedical waste, there is a massive risk of spread of the virus and the BJP will be solely responsible for this,' said Pathak.

He requested Delhi BJP chief Adesh Gupta to form a team and ensure timely collection and disposal of waste generated in homes of the COVID-19 patients.

Reacting, Delhi BJP spokesperson Praveen Shankar Kapoor said it is 'sad' that Pathak is pinning the blame on MCDs during this crucial COVID-19 period.

'All three MCDs, for the last one year, have been regularly working to collect bio-garbage from homes of all COVID-19 patients under home isolation. In fact, during the current spread last week, MCDs even issued centralized phone numbers for people to call COVID garbage collection service,' Kapoor said.

'The blame game of Pathak is an insult to hard-working sanitary workers who are risking their own safety moving from home-to-home of COVID-19 patients to collect garbage,' Kapoor said. PTI UZM VIT CK