AAP attacks BJP, links Delhi police deployment with Chinese incursion

The Aam Aadmi party has tweeted out attacking the BJP for its 'extreme' security measures regarding the chakka jam rally by farmers on the 6th off February. In their tweet AAP has linked the recent deployment with the Chinese incursion. " Construction by China in Arunachal, Fencing by Modi in Delhi.' their tweet reads. On one hand we have the commissioner of police of Delhi that justifies saying 'hamne sirf barricading ko mazboot karne ka kaam kiya hai.' Whereas, on the other hand we have political leaders from opposing parties who are slamming the Government for the preparation on ground. Not only the opposition but many others have criticized the Government's excessive stand towards these protests. The farmers have been denied water trucks and internet service in protest areas have been suspended temporarily. The farmers believe it is because the Government does not want their voice to be heard.