How Aamir Khan Maintains A Good Equation With His First Wife Reena Dutta Despite Being Married Again


Just like his professional life, Aamir Khan's personal life is every bit sorted, even though he got married twice! Aamir Khan is currently married to Kiran Rao and the duo has one son named Azad Rao Khan. He was first married to Reena Dutta and with her he has two children - Junaid & Ira. In his recent conversation with Chinese reporter, Aamir talks about his love story with Kiran and how he still on a good term with Reena, despite being divorced!

Aamir Khan Talks About His Love Story With Kiran Rao

"I met Kiran when I was doing Lagaan. She was one of the ADs on that but at that time, we didn't have any relationship, we were not even great friends.

She was one of the people on the unit. It was after my separation and divorce after some time that I met her again."

How Aamir Realised His Love For Kiran Rao?

Speaking about the same, he said, "In that moment of trauma, her phone came and I talked to her on the phone for half an hour.

And when I put the phone down, I said, 'My God! I feel so happy when I talk to her.' It struck me in that instant that when I am talking to her I am so happy."

Aamir Feels Blessed To Have Kiran In His Life

Aamir also revealed that later, they began dating and seeing each other. Aamir & Kiran lived together for a year before they got married. Aamir said, "I can never imagine my life without Kiran as my partner. I feel very blessed and I'm very grateful for it."

Aamir Tells The Similarity Between Reena & Kiran

He said, "I like strong women - my first wife Reena and my second wife Kiran. I like people who are strong, I don't want to breask them down like women and men."

Aamir Is All Love & Respect For His First Wife

He concluded by saying, "Sometimes a relationship doesn't work but I have a lot of love and respect for her. In fact, we are working together on this Paani project. She is the COO of the company. She usually runs work from the office."

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