Aaj Ka Panchang, May 14, 2021: Check Out Tithi, Shubh Muhurat, Rahu Kaal and Other Details For Friday

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May 14 will mark the Shukla Paksha Dwitiya Tithi of Hindi month Vaishakha in Vikram Samvat 2078. The Dwitiya Tithi will prevail till 5.38 am, while the sun will rise at 5.31 am. According to Hindu Panchnag, the tithi during the sunrise time is considered for the whole day. After 5.38 am, the day will be Tritiya Tithi. The day will also be observed as Akshaya Tritiya, one of the most auspicious days of Hindu astrology. Devotees observe fast and worship Lord Vishnu. They also purchase gold as it is believed to bring prosperity and wealth in the family.

Know about the tithi, timings, nakshatra, and other details for May 14

Sunrise and Sunset time for May 14:

Sunrise time – 05:31 am

Sunset time – 07.04 pm

Moonrise time – 07.06 am

Moonset time – 09.28 pm

Tithi, Nakshatra, and Rashi Details for May 14:

Dwitiya Tithi will prevail up to 5.38 am in the morning and then Tritiya Tithi will start. The Nakshatra will be Rohini up to 5.45 am, followed byMrigashirsha.Sun will transition to Vrishabha Rashi from Mesha Rashi at 11.41 am, while Moon will remain in Vrishabha Rashi till 07:14 pm.

Shubh Muhurats on May 14:

The day Akshay Tritiya is itself the most auspicious day of Hindu Panchang. The puja muhurat will prevail between05:38 am and12:18 pm. The auspicious muhurat to purchase gold is from 05:38 am to 12:18 pm on May 14. Other muhurats like Abhijit Muhurat prevails for a certain period of time almost every day, which will last from 11:51 am to 12:45 pm on Friday.

Inauspicious timings for May 13:

The inauspicious muhurat Rahu Kalam will start at 10:36 am and conclude at 12:18 pm on May 14. It is said that people should avoid this period to perform any puja or auspicious work.

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