Aadhaar hearings: Mandatory linking of Aadhaar with bank accounts violates the 'Right to Equality', argue petitioners

Asheeta Regidi
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    The technicalities that surfaced during the Aadhar hearing bear wide ranging ramification over the issues in question. It seems in the ball game over Aadhar, it is only the common man who is going to suffer because targets behind this legislation/rules flee the national barrier quite easily and take shelter in conducive business environment overseas. If at all the Aadhar is going to stay, can the Govt. ensure that it serves as an all-purpose id for all Indian citizen without any ifs and buts.
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    My daughter is temporaritly is in abroad since last 2 years and could not have her Aadhar. She is remitting fund in her Bank Account in India. If her account is blocked how she will manage on her return to India. Aadhar is good but practical problem should not be ignored.
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    Should extend dead line, Public yet finding difficult in operating bank account due to KYC update and many more ........can see in the bank the truth.
    So for Aadhar all rules and most important is that many places like in Assam the aadhar process is going on.... If not extended the public account in bank will be inoperative etc...by the dead line/time and the public will or may attach the Bank Manager and can turn the situation in worst.