Aadhaar Card-Style Wedding Card is The Highlight of this Madhya Pradesh Marriage

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A man from Madhya Pradesh recently got his daughter’s wedding to look like Aadhaar card in a bid to spread the importance of the data. Virendra Tiwari, an agriculturist who is a native of Vilayatkalan village in Katni district got Aadhaar card to look like wedding card for his daughter’s wedding. Aadhar card is India’s Unique Identification Card (UID). The family had earlier planned to print the wedding cards like a calendar but later finalised on the Aadhaar card look. The family came up with the idea to increase the importance of the official document.

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Tiwari also said that the design of the card helped them save paper. It generally takes four to fives pages for an invited, but for this card, not many were required. Tiwari also runs a matrimony centre, Shadi Suvidha Kendra letting parents find suitable matches for their children. Tiwari urges parents to chose themes with social messages to spread good messages for their children’s wedding. Along with matchmaking and wedding cards, Tiwari also does social work. Recently, after his father passed away, the agriculturist planted hundreds of saplings.

In the past too, a couple had got their wedding card to look like Aadhaar card. After it was distributed, it garnered a lot of eyeballs. Earlier this year, a marketing professional had tweeted his sister’s wedding card that garnered the attention of social media. After the tweet went viral, Prime Minister Narendra Modi also retweeted it and followed the man.