9th International Conference on 'Victim Assistance: Challenges and Resilience during COVID-19'

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Sonipat, 30 October, 2020: COVID-19 has caused immense trauma and victimization across globe. Out of 215 countries, areas and territories globally affected by COVID-19, 134 refugee hosting countries are reporting local transmissions. Every third professional has lost job since the outbreak of the pandemic. This has caused an environment of stress and duress within families, and the society at large. Individuals living in abusive relationships or in a situation of violence are also facing extreme trauma.

Keeping in consideration the pervasive mental health deterioration during the pandemic, 9th International Conference on Victim Assistance is scheduled for 30th and 31st October 2020; with the main theme as 'Victim Assistance: Challenges and Resilience during COVID-19.' The Conference brings together professionals and experts from varied fields to discuss various issues and problems faced by individuals in different sectors. It also focuses on highlighting the need for collective efforts from academia, Criminal Justice System, Law Enforcement Agencies, Medical Professionals, Non-Governmental Organization and others.

'The Conference provides an interdisciplinary platform to disseminate, exchange and generate knowledge through engagement of a wide variety of government officials, lawyers, judges, medical professionals, social workers, media personnel, policy makers, psychologists, sociologists, criminologists, victimologists, anthropologists, and interdisciplinary students around the world,' said Professor (Dr.) Sanjeev P. Sahni, Principal Director, Jindal Institute of Behavioural Sciences.

Dr. Sahni, who is also a noted behavioural expert and Director of Centre for Victimology and Psychological Studies (CVPS) emphasized the need for victim assistance during these tough times and encouraged collective efforts to combat trauma, oppression, and injustice towards various sections of the society.

'The Conference at this point of time provides an excellent opportunity for researchers across the globe to come together and contemplate over various ideas and frameworks to combat victimization,' he said.

The Conference would be graced by many eminent psychologists, victimologists and criminologists.

Speakers include Professor (Dr.) Emilio Viano, Professor, Department of Justice, Law And Society, American University President, International Society Of Criminology, Professor (Dr.) K. Chockalingam, Chairperson, Executive Council, Rajiv Gandhi National Institute Of Youth Development, Professor (Dr.) G.S. Bajpai, Professor & Registrar, National Law University-Delhi, India; President, Indian Society Of Victimology, Professor (Dr.) Beulah Shekhar, Emeritus Professor Of Criminology, Karunya Institute Of Technological Sciences, India, Professor (Dr.) Dick, D. T. Andzenge, rofessor, Criminal Justice And Victimology, Director Of Justice Research Center, St. Cloud State University, United States, Professor (Dr.) Irvin Waller, Emeritus Professor Of Criminology, Faculty Of Social Sciences, University Of Ottawa, Professor (Dr.) Saliha Bava, Associate Professor, School Of Social And Behavioral Sciences, Mercy College, USA, Dr. P.M. Nair IPS (Retd), Professor (Dr.) Marc Groenhuijsen, Professor Of Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure And Victimology, Tilburg University, The Netherlands, Professor (Dr.) Robert Peacock, Professor, Department Of Criminology, University Of The Free State, South Africa; President, World Society Of Victimology and many others.

The Conference has been organised by the Centre for Victimology and Psychological Studies (CVPS), Jindal Institute of Behavioural Sciences (JIBS), O.P. Jindal Global University.

The Conference is dedicated to discuss on various sub themes which include Role of Criminal Justice System, Empowerment, Injustice, Oppression, Victimization, Mental Health, Displacement, Rehabilitation, and Victim Assistance in times of COVID-19.

Over 1000 scholars from more than 25 countries across the globe would be participating in the conference. 15 peer reviewed abstracts are also set to be presented during the colloquium. Besides, several pertinent sessions on varied topics will be presented which include: Conflict, Intolerance and the Role of the Criminal Justice System during the time of COVID-19, Victims and their Victimisation, Oppression, Injustice and empowerment during a Pandemic, Displacement and Rehabilitation of Victims, amongst others.


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