#9pm9minutes: India Burns Diyas, Torches in Unity Against COVID-19

Indians followed Prime Minister Narendra Modi's plea to show the country’s unity against coronavirus by turning off their lights and lighting diyas, candles and flashlights at 9 pm on Sunday, 5 April, for 9 minutes.

The Quint brings to you some snapshots of the activity, shared by Twitterati, including citizens and celebrities alike.

https://twitter.com/narendramodi/status/1246830985288642560Netizens Condemn Bursting of Firecrackers

However, instead of simply lighting candles and diyas, some people decided to go an extra mile and burst firecrackers instead.

Netizens condemned the bursting of crackers, lamenting that a moment of unity and togetherness had been spoiled this way.

Some people also pointed out that the nationwide lockdown has till now led to a fall in air pollution.

Previously, the Prime Minister had asked the nation to bang utensils on their balconies in order to show support for personnel and medical staff who are on the frontlines of India's battle against COVID-19.

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