95-Year-Old ‘Dead Man’ in Rajasthan Wakes Up During Last Rites

Team Latestly
In a bizarre case, a resident of Bhaktanwalan Ki Dhani, comes alive after being declared dead by doctors.

Jaipur, November 6: In a bizarre case, a resident of Bhaktanwalan Ki Dhani, Budh Ram fainted on Saturday afternoon. His family then took him to the private doctor who declared him dead. Later, the sad family members informed relatives about the death and called a pandit for performing Budh Ram's last rites. Male members of the family had even shaved their head and were completing pre-funeral procession. Kerala Dead Man Returns Home, 15 Days After Funeral.

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While performing a customary bath a miracle happened, which no one thought. When his relatives started bathing Budh Ram's chest, he began moving and shivering. Shocked family members carried him to the bed. “He started breathing and sat on the bed soon after. Within a few minutes, however, the ‘dead’ man gained consciousness to the surprise and joy of his relatives. When questioned by relatives, he said he had suffered chest pain and slept. It is nothing but a miracle,” said Balu Ram, Budh Ram's elder son as quoted by Times of India.

His younger son, Ranjit said TOI that hearing my father is not dead made Diwali special for us. We wouldn't have celebrated Diwali this year owing a death occurred in a house. But this time, Diwali would be grand.

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Earlier in a similar incident, a man was pronounced dead but a pathologist who was going to perform post-mortem found the dead man to have a pulse. Himanshu Bharadwaj, a resident of Madhya Pradesh, suffered severe injuries in a road accident. After this, he was admitted to a local hospital who declare him 'brain dead' and later medically dead. After the family came to know about the episode, a large crowd gathered in front of the hospital.