At 94, Delhi Records Lowest Cases in 292 Days; Positivity Rate Falls to Lowest Ever at 0.17%

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New Delhi on Tuesday recorded new 94 Covid-19 cases, the lowest number registered since April 30 last year.

The daily positivity rate — proportion of samples that return positive among total tested — stood at 0.17 percent on Tuesday, the lowest ever recorded in the city. The positivity rate in Delhi has been steadily declining since early December. It has remained below 1 percent for 52 days now and below 5 percent for 76 days.

As many as 56.13 percent of the 28,000 people sampled during Delhi’s fifth serological survey, conducted in January, were found to have developed antibodies against the virus.

On Tuesday, over 15,000 doses of the vaccine against Covid-19 were administered across 265 centres in Delhi. Of these, 2,532 were second doses received by health care workers. There hasn’t been an increase in the proportion of health care workers getting the second shot, which still remains at just over half as on Tuesday.

Among those who received the shot for the first time, over 70 per cent were frontline workers.

So far, 214,625 people have been vaccinated against the viral infection in Delhi, including frontline workers. However, the number is still lower than the total 240,000 healthcare workers who had been registered to receive the vaccine.

In a worrying development, the South African variant of the coronavirus was detected in four patients and the Brazil variant in one person in India, the Union Health Ministry said on Tuesday. All five have been quarantined, it added.

The government said there are 186 cases of UK variant in India at the moment.

In India, the South Africa strain was detected in one flier from Angola, one from Tanzania and two from South Africa in January, Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) Director General Balram Bhargava said.

All travellers and their contacts have been tested and quarantined. "The ICMR-NIV is attempting to isolate and culture the SA variant strain from the samples of these four individual returnees," he said.

One Brazil returnee had tested positive for the Brazil variant of SARS-CoV-2 in the first week of February. The traveller and their contacts have been tested and quarantined.