90 pc US adults will be eligible for COVID vaccines by April 19, says Joe Biden

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US President Joe Biden (File Photo)
US President Joe Biden (File Photo)

Washington DC [US], March 30 (ANI): US President Joe Biden yesterday announced that 90 per cent of the adults in the United States will be eligible for coronavirus vaccines by April 19.

"At least 90 per cent of all adults in this country will be eligible to be vaccinated by April 19, just three weeks from now, because we have the vaccines," Biden said during a press briefing. "The final 10 per cent will be eligible no later than May 1."

"Those eligible will be provided vaccine within 5 miles of the nearest vaccination location," he said, reported Sputnik.

Biden called on all US states and territories to reinstate the face mask mandate and added that businesses should also require people to wear masks.

Meanwhile, 10 million vaccine doses were administered in the past three days and more than 33 million vaccines will be administered later this week, Biden said.

According to Johns Hopkins University, nearly 50 million Americans are fully vaccinated against the coronavirus. (ANI)