90-Year-Old Man Dies of Covid-19 Days After Wife of 67 Years Dies of the Same Virus

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This story of two couples who died hours apart after being infected by COVID-19 is bound to make you teary-eyed.

The 90 year-old Jim Martin died from coronavirus just a day after his wife Audrey, 88, who also died due to the virus. The couple, together for 67 years, was admitted to the Royal Stoke University Hospital in January. While Audrey passed away on January 26, Jim died the next day in the same hospital. Martins’ died days after the passing of another such couple - childhood sweethearts Leigh and Cynthia Bryant, who had been together for 56 years.

75-year-old Cynthia and Leigh,77, from Wellington, Somerset, passed away due to coronavirus seven hours of each other while being 40 miles apart in separate hospitals. On January 5, Cynthia was admitted in Musgrove Park Hospital after testing positive to the virus followed by her husband, Leigh, a former Brand Knife Operator, who was also admitted three days later to the same hospital due to Covid. Leigh, on improvement, was transferred to Southmead Hospital in Bristol, only to succumb to the virus on January 22, Friday at 6.15 pm. Leigh died seven hours later at 1.15 am the next day.

Leigh and Cynthia’s funeral took place at Taunton Deane Crematorium On February 10. Kevin, one of their two sons, in conversation with Daily Mailsaid he and his brother were numb in shock. While going to bid goodbye to his mum, he received a phone call from Southmead hospital that hid ‘dad was going the same way.’

The childhood lovers Cynthia and Leigh met in their early teens and have been inseparable ever since. Kevin shared how he couldn’t have had better parents describing them as ‘lovely and ‘role models.’ He added that they did everything together, as similar to the case of Martins’.

Martins’ daughter-in-law, Karen, 58, from Longton, revealed they both adored each other.

She revealed whenever the family visited them in the hospital, Jim was holding Audrey’s hand and had put their beds together, listening to their favorite music all afternoon.

The day they visited him to tell the sad news, he was heart broke, Karen said, and uttered, ‘I’ve got nothing to live for.’ Karen shares how they both used to say they would go together.

Meanwhile, Jim and Audrey had met in their 20s when Jim, a farmer, had asked Audrey’s brother if he could take her on a date. They went dancing together, a hobby they had continued throughout their life together.