9-Year-Old Céline Dion Wannabe Will Make Your Heart Go On

When 9-year-old Celine Tam sang Céline Dion‘s “My Heart Will Go On” on America’s Got Talent, she lived up to her famous namesake. The girl’s love of the talented diva is something of a family affair: Her parents named her Celine and her younger sister, Dion, after the vocal powerhouse.

Celine started singing when she was 3. Her father found that out when she started to sing along with a CD in the car. “I realized, ‘Wow, she’s got a voice,'” he said. Celine said, “I’m still teaching my little sister how to sing but she can’t really sing that well.”

When little Celine was asked what kind of music she likes, Simon Cowell already knew the answer. “Céline Dion?” he asked. “Yeah, pretty much Céline Dion,” she answered.

Celine said, “When I grow up, my biggest dream is to be a singer. I would like to be like Céline Dion. She’s beautiful. She has very good singing techniques. She’s wonderful.”

When the young Celine sang “My Heart Will Go On,” the judges’ hearts were so moved that they gave her the four yeses to go on.

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