9-year-old succumbs to dengue in TN, relatives allege negligence by hospital

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9-year-old succumbs to dengue in TN, relatives allege negligence by hospital

Protests broke out on Saturday near the Ballammalpuram crematorium in Karur district, after the death of a 9-year-old girl due to dengue. Parents and relatives of deceased child Vaishnavi alleged that medical staff at the Karur Government Hospital had misled them in regard to the condition of the girl, leading to her death.

The nine -year-old, according to her relatives returned on October 12 from school with a high fever. The very next morning, she was taken to the GH for a checkup, but doctors allegedly labelled it a regular viral fever and prescribed some medicines. However, her situation worsened by October 15 and she was taken to the hospital again.

"This time, the doctors ordered two tests," says her aunt Krishnaveni to TNM. "The result of the first test was negative for dengue and they told us to go back home. However, the second test said the child had dengue and we immediately rushed later that day to admit her in the hospital," she adds.

Krishnaveni says that Vaishnavi seemed to be improving for two days but on October 17 she began to vomit violently.

"Vaishnavi had severe body pain as well. She vomited and then fainted. The doctors then took scans and other tests but told us that there was nothing to worry about. They told us to shift her to Trichy GH and claimed they didn't have adequate medication to treat dengue," says Krishnaveni. "They called an ambulance from our phone and made us shift there. But once we went to Trichy, the doctors said her lungs were filled with liquid and she was in a serious condition," she alleges.

In Trichy, doctors inserted devices to help her breathe temporarily. But the young girl didn't survive. On Saturday morning, Vaishnavi died despite treatment.

And that evening after taking her body back to Karur, the family protested the alleged negligence and misinformation from the Karur GH till police dispersed them.

"They lied to us and made us shift," alleges Krishnaveni. "First they failed to diagnose her correctly on Sunday and later they knew she was going to die and sent us to another hospital," she adds.

The Karur GH has however denied the allegations.

Dean Dr Rossy Vennila told the media, "It was her parents who decided to shift her to Trichy for special treatment at that stage. Before discharging, the patient should be kept in observation for 72 hours. Much complicated cases than this have seen complete recovery. Vaishnavi’s death is unfortunate and we express our deepest condolences to the bereaved family."