9-Year-Old Australian Was Asked Which Famous Person He'd Meet. His Response: Kerala Fisherman

"If you could spend one day with a famous person, who would it be and why?"

The Kerala floods showed us how the state was full of heroes. It was unfortunate that we only found them when it required drastic action. While the rains have battered the state like never before, it also saw a lot of heroic accounts of the rescue.

The floods also saw the emergence of fishermen as saviors when hundreds of them decided to brave through flood-waters to venture into areas where even naval commandos could not reach, and they were hailed as being superheroes in the time of crisis.

As these fishermen pulled off unbelievable feats, the Internet compared them to the comic book superheroes we grew up admiring, like spiderman, superman, and batman.

The news of these fishermen reached beyond the borders.

So when a 9-year-old boy in Australia was asked: "If you could spend one day with a famous person, who would it be and why?" His answer was "Kerala fishermen."

In a Facebook post shared by Koshy Vaidyan who lives in Aberdeen in Australia, showed how his 9-year-old nephew, who was born and raised in Australia had been following the news of the Kerala floods. The post on Facebook got over 5 thousand shares, with lots of people sharing in the comment section how they were proud of how humble the boy was.

In the essay, the boy wrote that he would want to learn how to be "a humble human" citing examples of how the Kerala fishermen saved people during the Kerala flood by risking their own lives, and offered their meals to the people they were rescuing - and asked for nothing except prayers in return.