After 8th round of stalemate Govt ready to give 'clause-by-clause' solution for farm laws

Government promises solution will be delivered after 8th round of talks between the centre and the farmers through clause-by-clause talks. The MoS of Agriculture says that the Indian Government is ready to make amendments in the laws and is hopeful of the solution that will be provided today. The massive tractor rally organised by the farmers has put immense pressure on the Government as well. The MoS also feels that these laws are only there to aid the farmers and not to make things difficult for them. The talks however always end in a deadlock because even though the Government is ready to bring amendments in the farm laws, it's not ready to repeal the law completely which is something the farmers refuse to get behind. Agriculture minister Narendra Tomar has denied giving any proposal to end the stalemate. The Government still stands firm in its decision of not repealing the laws we are yet to know if this will be the last round of talks.