'The 8th Night' review: Not your usual creepy horror story

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05 Jul 2021: 'The 8th Night' review: Not your usual creepy horror story

Karma, eternity, fate are what most humans believe in. Some call them superstition, while some say philosophy. The Kim Tae-hyung directorial, The 8th Night, signifies all three and shows how it works in the world of darkness. Although it is said to be a horror, the movie doesn't give you the usual creeps, instead keeps you hooked with its thriller angle. Here's our review.

About: What is the plot of the movie?

This Netflix movie begins with the folklore of Lord Buddha destroying an ancient monster by locking his two eyes to different corners of the world. Red signifies agony, and black means anxiety. And to stop its wrath, a young monk and a retired exorcist risk everything. While their beliefs help to face the monster, a detective, who's investigating the ongoing murders, isn't a believer.

Significance: Belief: It played a significant role in the movie

When an anthropologist digs out the Red eye, people don't believe him. To show the truth, he wakes up the spirit and in the process, sacrifices his virgin daughter. Cheong-seok and Seonhwa are born with the beliefs, and it is their fate to stop the monster. And, Kim Ho-tae, the non-believer detective, became the reason his friend got trapped in between the supernatural war.

Theme: How 'Red' has been the focus to show agony

As soon as the Red eye (signifies agony) comes out of its trap, the film shows the pain and suffering in the forms of a red moon, a monk coughing blood and sacrificial blood. Agony is shown when a senior monk dies, Cheong-seok has no one and Seonhwa is trying to fight evil spirits around him. The director and the cinematographer delivered thoughtful scenes.

Mentions: Elements that are worth mentioning, adds horror factor beautifully

The movie is a thriller more than a horror, but it still has its moments. Decomposed bodies shrunk with holes in their skulls, the Sanskrit speaking spirit portraying it's from the ancient time, eyes on forehead and face, and the subtle (not over-the-top) exorcism scenes are some elements that added the horror factor beautifully. Also, the storyline, with little twists-and-turns, makes it entertaining.

Verdict: Actors performed well, storyline wasn't extraordinary; gets 3.5 stars

The Korean-flick stars Kim Yoo-jung, Lee Sung-min, Nam Da-reum, who performed their roles wonderfully. The storyline was decent, however, nothing extraordinary. Interestingly, in the movie's title, The 8th Night, the number looks like the symbol of infinity, which is what darkness and light represent in one's life. "We wouldn't know light if not for the darkness," is how the movie ends. Verdict: 3.5 stars.

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