82-year-old UP woman beats COVID-19 using the 'proning' technique

Sagar Malik
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82-year-old UP woman beats COVID-19 using the
82-year-old UP woman beats COVID-19 using the

27 Apr 2021: 82-year-old UP woman beats COVID-19 using the 'proning' technique

Even as a grim second wave of the coronavirus pandemic grips India and overwhelms its healthcare infrastructure, an inspiring story of recovery has come to the fore from Uttar Pradesh.

82-year-old Vidya Devi from Alinagar, Gorakhpur won the battle against the fatal infection in just 12 days with the support of her family and their doctor's advice.

Here's her story.

Details: Sleeping in prone position helped improve her oxygen levels

Hari Mohan, the elder son of Vidya Devi, told News18 that her oxygen level had dipped to 79 one day. "Everyone in the family got worried."

He said they then asked her to sleep in the "prone" position, adding that it helped improve her oxygen level to 94 in four days.

"She is now fully healthy and her oxygen level is 97 these days."

Details: 'Treatment done with healthy food, positive mindset'

Hari Mohan said that despite the entire family being infected, they tried to keep a positive mindset and took medicines as per the doctor's advice.

"Although everyone was scared of the outcome given the deadly second wave we have been seeing everywhere, the doctor gave us courage. Treatment was done with suggestion and good food and positive thinking and now all is well."

Advice: Early diagnosis and timely treatment can help beat infection: Doctor

Recently, a 105-year-old man and his 95-year-old wife also recovered from COVID-19 after being admitted to the ICU of a hospital in Maharashtra.

The doctors involved in their treatment said that early diagnosis and timely treatment helped them beat the deadly virus.

"We are appealing to the public to ensure they get tested as soon as they see any symptoms," said Dr. Gajanan Halkanche.

Proning: What is proning and how to perform it?

Doctors recommend using the proning method when you see a dip in your oxygen levels.

To get into the prone position, lie down on your bed or the floor with your chest facing downward. Take a deep breath and then breathe out.

Repeat this a few times to enhance your body's oxygen levels.

You may use pillows to support your chest and legs.

Fact: Here is a video on how to perform it