8 Viral Tweets Capture The Difficult Reality of Mumbai Rains

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Amidst the heavy showers that have brought Mumbai to a standstill, this photo of a distressed vegetable vendor went viral on social media. According to the Mumbai Mirror report, the vegetable vendor in the photo is Ashok Singh. A 45-year-old vendor who sells at Bhendi Bazaar, Singh recently opened for business after being shut for four months following the lockdown in early 2020. However, the flooding at King Circle forced him to shut shop again and walk back to his home in Kurla.

Every year, Mumbai suffers in exactly the same way. New rainfall records are reached as areas in the city flood and lives get disrupted.

Here are some videos that accurately capture the horrors of what the city had to go through over the past few days.


This video of a tree swaying from left to right was posted by Anand Mahindra too has gone viral on the internet. While the memes are funny, don't let that take away from the seriousness of the video.


Here's another one that comes with a little bit of Gujarati humour.


One social media user shared a video of his house in Goregaon being flooded. The person seems to be standing in at least one feet of water.





Multiple landslides have also been reported across Mumbai in the past few days.


Situations like these make it incredibly difficult for the strays of the city to survive. A local was spotted rescuing a stray cat in Wadala.

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