7th Pay Commission: Why CG employees must have hope in the budget

Vicky Nanjappa

New Delhi, June 24: Expectations have soared regarding the 7th Pay Commission as the big budget day approaches.

Central Government employees are expecting some good news on the issue relating to a hike in basic minimum pay when the budget is presented on July 5. The question is will the Finance Minister announce good news for the CG employees at a time when the economy has hit a five year low.

While the prime focus of the budget would be to pull the economy out of the ICU, there is also talk that the Finance Minister could consider the demands of the CG employees.

If a pay hike is announced, then it would mean that there would be more spending as a result of which money would come into the market and help the economy revive. The government would want to infuse more money into the market so that there is a spike in demand.

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Prior to the preparations, the Finance Minister was briefed about the issue relating to the CG employees. Sources said that the Minister was keen on addressing the issue. If reports are anything to go by, then the Finance Minister is most likely to take into account the demands of the CG employees.

The CG employees have been demanding a pay hike of Rs 26,000. They were unhappy with the basic minimum pay of Rs 18,000 which was suggested by the 7th Pay Commission.

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