7th Pay Commission: Why 2.85 times will be the new fitment factor

Vicky Nanjappa

New Delhi, Nov 19: As Central Government employees await for good news regarding the 7th Pay Commission, there is plenty of discussions at the back-end regarding this subject.

A pay hike could be on its way, but is unlikely to be what the CG employees may have expected.

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Pay hike on the way:

There have been discussions and deliberations regarding a pay hike for long. CG employees have been demanding a hike of up to Rs 26,000 as opposed to the Rs 18,000 basic pay hike that the pay panel had recommended. The latest news is that the pay hike announcement could be announced either in January or maximum by March.

New fitment factor

The fitment factor recommended by the pay panel stood at 2.57 times. The CG employees are demanding an increase in the fitment factor to 3.68 times as a result of which the basic minimum pay would increase to Rs 26,000. However the understanding that we get is that the final fitment factor would be increased only to 2.85 times.

What will be the new pay

As per the recommendations of the pay panel, the fitment factor stood at 2.57 times as a result which the basic minimum pay stood at Rs 18,000. If it is increased to 3.57 times as demanded by the CG employees, then the basic minimum pay would increase to Rs 26,000. However now that the government is all set to increase the fitment factor to just 2.83 times, this means that the basic minimum pay would increase only up to Rs 20,000.

Don’t lose hope:

While no official announcement regarding the 7th Pay Commission has been made, several officials say that the CG employees must not lose hope. The matter is being deliberated upon and it is only a matter of time that the new fitment factor would be announced. However the million dollar question is when would the good news come. As pointed out earlier, it could be announced either in January 2019 or maximum by March 2019.

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