7th Pay Commission: Here is what transpired at the Cabinet meet in November

Vikash Aiyappa

New Delhi, Dec 03: The wait for the Central Government employees regarding the 7th Pay Commission has become longer.

Several CG employees were hoping that the government would announce a pay hike in November. However, the Cabinet meetings that took place in the month of November did not take any decision on an increase in basic minimum pay. Leave alone taking a decision, the issue was not even discussed, a source confirmed to OneIndia.

CG employees, however, have not lost hope. They feel that the government is taking several measures and their demand would be one of them. They are now hoping that a decision would be taken at least this month and if the basic minimum pay is increased, then it would be a New Year gift to them.

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Last year, it may be recalled that the Finance Ministry had told the Parliament that there was no proposal on the cards to revise the salaries. The 7th Pay Commission had recommended the basic minimum pay to be at Rs 18,000. The Central Government employees have, however, been demanding that the same be increased to Rs 26,000 in the wake of the rising cost of living.

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