7th Pay Commission: Rs 2,000 pay hike? CG employees pin hopes on Rajnath’s hint

Vicky Nanjappa

New Delhi, May 27: With a new government in place, the Central Government employees would hope that the issue relating to the 7th Pay Commission is revived.

Although the previous government had really not given into the demands, CG employees could hope that the new dispensation is more accommodating in nature.

CG employees are currently getting a minimum pay of Rs 18,000, but they had demanded that the same be increased to Rs 26,000.

What the CG employees would pin their hopes on is the statement made by Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh. He had said that he held discussions with officials and also hinted that the government was serious about the issue.

While the employees should not expect anything immediately, they should be aware that they must wait at least another four months before things could get rolling.

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If the talks resume, CG employees could expect a couple of things. If the government wants an immediate solution to the issue, then it would roll out the hike. If at all a hike is rolled out then it would be only Rs 2,000 and not Rs 8,000 as the CG employees had demanded.

If the hike is not rolled out and the government is planning long-term, then the government may implement the Aykroyd formula. The 7th Pay Commission had recommended that hike in salaries would be reviewed looking into the data available based on the price index.

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