7th Pay Commission latest news: Govt fixes new fitment factor

Vicky Nanjappa

New Delhi, Oct 20: Wait till the elections in the five states are over and then there will be some positive news regarding the 7th Pay Commission.

The government is learnt to have fixed the new fitment factor, but would make an announcement only after the elections are over. This would mean that the earlier announcement slated for November has now been postponed.

Reports said that the announcement would come in January. However the exact date in January is not clear as yet. In the run up to January, there would be some more talks to finalise a few issues.

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The government wants to be doubly sure of everything before it announces anything. It is a sensitive issue and the patience of the Central Government employees has been running out. Hence the government wants no confusion what so ever before it makes this major announcement.

The 7th Pay Commission had hiked the salaries of Central Government employees. It had fixed the basic minimum pay at Rs 18,000 with the fitment factor at 2.57 times. However the CG employees have been demanding a salary hike of up to Rs 26,000 with the fitment factor at 3.68 times.

Sources say that the government would not agree to hike the salary to Rs 26,000 with the fitment factor at 3.68 times. The more realistic option and what the Central Government employees would get is a hike of Rs 21,000, which is Rs 3,000 above what the 7th Pay Commission had recommended.

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