7th Pay Commission latest news and updates: Positive about building Pvt wealth

Vicky Nanjappa

New Delhi, Oct 15: There have been plenty of developments relating to the 7th Pay Commission.

While the Odisha School Teachers and Employees' United Forum has decided to call of their protests, in Tripura, the opposition has accused the government of cheating its employees over the 7th Pay Commission issue.

Meanwhile a survey has indicated that in the private sector especially when it comes to expatriates, the scene is positive in nature despite the poor salary hikes awarded in the recent past.

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Positive about building private wealth

A survey was conducted among 22,318 expats from 163 countries, including in India, and territories through an online questionnaire in March and April by YouGov, and was commissioned by HSBC Expat. It found that two thirds of expats in India enjoy the local culture, and the financial gain allow more expats in the country than elsewhere to support causes, participate in local community events and donate to charity. Meanwhile, the survey revealed that the average person globally taking a job overseas usually adds USD 21,000 to their annual salary when they move, which is enough to buy a new car, pay off the average household's debt twice over or cover rent for two years.

Rise in disposable income

HSBC India head-retail banking and wealth management S Ramakrishnan said while a move overseas can often mean a rise in disposable income, it also brings complexity along with it. "A taste of life in a new location can be the key to unlocking your creative potential, finding the work life balance, or taking career in a new direction. However, too many expats spend their first months abroad stressed because they didn't get their finances in order before moving, he also said.

Cheated in Tripura

The opposition in Tripura has accused the government of cheating its employees over the issue relating to the 7th Pay Commission. "The recent pay revision by the new government is nothing but cheating the employees in the name 7th Pay Commission. It is only a concocted story. It was not on par with central pay scale," former Finance Minister Bhanulal Saha of the CPI(M) told reporters.

Demand for pay hike

The Block Grant Teachers in Odisha have been demanding a pay hike on par with the regular state government teachers. They are seeking the benefits under the 7th Pay Commission, service condition and job regularisation. They believe if these demands are met then it would pay the way for the implementation of the 7th Pay Commission.

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