7th Pay Commission: Hike in Minimum Pay Beyond CPC Recommendations Soon, Say Reports

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7th Pay Commission: For Central Government Employees These Are Some Seven Things to Know About Panel Recommendations

New Delhi, February 18: Almost two years have passed and the wait for the higher minimum wage under 7th Pay Commission for government employees has become a topic of discussion. The 7th Pay Commission, which was set up by the Narendra Modi government recommended changes in the salary structure of Central government employees and it […]

New Delhi, Feb 9: Good news might be in store for central government employees as the hike in minimum pay and fitment factor beyond the recommendations of 7th Pay Commission or 7th CPC might be done soon, say reports. The hike in salaries and fitment factor, beyond the 7th Pay recommendations, is expected from April 2018.

The hike in salaries will affect the “lower-level employees of pay matrix level 1 to 5”, a source told The Sen Times. However, even though there have been reports of salary hike beyond the suggestions of the 7th Pay Commission have been doing rounds, there is no official confirmation on the same yet.

Nearly 48 lakh central government employees have been waiting for their hike in minimum pay and fitment factor beyond the recommendations of the 7th Pay Commission. “Government is on the path of effecting minor changes in the pay matrix up to level 5,” a Finance Ministry official had told The Sen Times. In June 2016, the Union Cabinet had also given its nod to the suggestions made in the 7th Pay Commission.

Over a year later, the finance ministry said that it would be preparing a draft on the hike in minimum pay and fitment factor of the central government employees. Recently, the sources said that the salaries of the lower-level employees will be raised, beyond the 7th Pay Commission suggestions, from April 2018.

However, no official confirmation on the same has been received yet. It is not clear whether the minimum pay and fitment factor, beyond what has been recommended in the 7th Pay Commission, would be raised for more than 48 lakh employees.

The 7th Pay Commission, which was headed by Justice AK Mathur, had recommended replacing the 6th Pay panel scales with a fitment factor of 2.57 times uniformly. The Commission had suggested a minimum pay hike from Rs 7,000 to Rs 18,000, maximum basic pay from Rs 80,000 to Rs 2.5 lakh and fitment factor at 2.57.

Rejecting the proposals, the central government employees had raised demands beyond the recommendations of the 7th Pay Commission. They demanded hike in basic pay from Rs 7,000 to Rs Rs 26,000 with fitment factor from 2.57 to 3.68 times.