7th Pay Commission: Big bonanza for Railway employees, increment up to Rs 21,000

Vikash Aiyappa

New Delhi, Nov 15: There is some positive news on the 7th Pay Commission that has been announced.

Several Railway employees are set to get a promotion and increment. The Railways has already issued letters in which posts would be filled up through promotions and deputations. An increment ranging from Rs 9,500 to Rs 21,000 will be given to those with promotions.

Firstly the physiotherapist Grade II employees would be promoted to Grade I. This would mean that they would get an increment of Rs 9,500 on their basic salary. Further they would get level 6 to 7 increments.

Those employees working in the physiotherapist Grade I post will be promoted from level 8 to level 8.

This post would be called as Assistant Physiotherapist Officer. A Zee Business report says that according to the order, 66 per cent of the posts of Assistant Divisional Physiotherapist Officer will be filled through promotions. 33 per cent of the deployment will from deputation or Direct Recruitment, the report also states.

Meanwhile there is likely to be some announcement relating to the 7th Pay Commission. The next Cabinet meeting would be crucial as a decision relating to the hike in basic minimum pay is expected to be taken.

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